Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Wishlist

One of my downfalls has always been my lust for stuff. My husband could care less. He buys nothing. He had a nice chunk of change in the bank when we got married...because he bought nothing. And he still buys nothing. No clothes for himself (what guy does?) no computer games, or anything. Me, on the other hand, wants everything!

I collect things, am an avid book reader, etc. And now that I have a lovely camera, I dream of nice lenses and other accessories (books, etc) My wishlist is ever growing larger with bigger ticket items of late, and it is a bit depressing. I started an online savings account on ING to have a place to put my personal spending money and am slowly saving up money for some goals.

Here's my list of bigger stuff...
  • Amazon Kindle $359 - I have a lot of books. I ran out of bookshelf space by the time we moved into our apartment. And I continually get new books. I do try to curb the urge, but I have several favorite authors that I must buy the new releases from. A Kindle would be pretty awesome to have. But, you do still have to pay for the books, so...
  • MSI Wind Netbook $300 - I want a cheaper laptop to take with us on our next trip. I was concerned while we were in Hawaii that I might lose some photos or something and never be able to get them back because all I was able to do was tote the memory cards around. My laptop died a year ago and I missed being able to take on along on our trip. A netbook sounds like a great solution! I am currently saving up for this specific model.
  • Kitchenaid Mixer $200-300 - More of a household need! I know that C would love to have one of these. He constantly gushes over his mother's old mixer from the 80s, and I'm pretty sure a Kitchenaid would be just as nice. I have played with Redhead's Aid a few times lately and I would love one. All we have is a hand mixer and it does not work very we always mix things by hand.
  • Ipod Touch $215-280 - Just tonight did I really look into this thing. BIL1 has an iphone and we were really intrigued with it. I learned tonight that you can read Kindle books on the Touch too. I don't need it to be a phone, especially with the outrageous contract fees every month. C thinks the idea is pointless, but I would love one!
  • Camera Lenses $200+ - Not much to say here :P
So there you have my current list of toys. Any thoughts on any of those?