Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sci Fi Inundation

C and I just got back from a lovely afternoon at the movies and then a leisurely jaunt to a favorite summertime restaurant for some clam chowder.

I am officially, slowly but surely, becoming cultured in the way of epic cultural icons. I've never been much of a movie watcher, and thus I have not seen most of the great films of recent times. So today, we watched Wolverine. I've never watched any of the Xmen movies or any of the cartoons or comic books. But that was a pretty impressive flick!

So far, I have recently (as in the past year or 2) been introduced to Spiderman, Transformers, Underworld, Smallville, Iron Man, Star Trek, and now Xmen. Batman and actual Superman is next on the list, though C is not too keen on either of the movie series for those two. We'll likely be renting the Xmen movies in the next couple of weeks now.

But I think I'm officially a Trekkie now =P We watched "First Contact" last night, and it was pretty intriguing. We also watched some bonus stuff on it, and it was interesting to see a lot of the characters I know and love from Voyager.

I love Sci Fi!!