Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 12

May 11
The last day of our trip!

C and I woke up fairly early at BIL1's place. I had a hard time breathing due to his smoky place (he doesn't smoke inside, but it still permeates everything) and I spent a lot of time on his balcony/deck thing reading in the Alaskan sunshine!

We ate the yogurt for breakfast that we had gotten after midnight the night before, and then sat around reading comic books while we waited for BIL1 to wake up. We finally got him out of bed before noon.

Then, it was off to go shopping! Target has been open in Alaska since October, and we hadn't made it there yet. Neither had BIL1. We got lost trying to find it, but after calling a female friend of BIL's, we made it. First, we had to check out the brand new Kohl's there, though. None of us had been in one before (I've ordered from them online, though) so that was snazzy.

C and I checked out George Foreman grills there, but didn't purchase one. Target was 1 store away, and we went in there. We wandered through there a while, and ended up buying a couple of food items - a liter of soda and some candy that were cheap, and a grill! It was, of course, cheaper there than in Kohl's, so that was nice.

From Target, we drove across town again to Walmart and loaded up on staples that we need for cheap. Heaps of food, kleenex and toilet paper later, we checked out. Buzzed into Quiznos for lunch/dinner (4pm) and then back to BIL's place. We ate our food there, and then dropped him off for work (5pm) and said goodbye.

On our way out of town, we got stopped by a train, at 5:05pm. Right at rush hour.

Not sure who was in charge that day, but it was ridiculous. We were stopped for 10 minutes and the train literally inched along, and then stopped, and then inched along back across the highway.

I ended up driving the whole way home. C ended up reading to me out of my book for at least 2 hours of it. His voice was raw, but it was fun. We drove into my old hometown about 9:30, I think, and hung out with my parents for a bit. The sun was setting at about 10:30, and I kept glancing out the window at it. We said our byes to my parents and raced to the beach to catch the end.

From there, we headed the last 15 miles home and then went to the grocery store to get some milk, eggs and bread and went home after 11pm.

We still had 2 days off each, so the next 2 days for me were spent madly editing photos and uploading them online. Ahh, it was fun!

Thanks for reading the recaps of our trip!