Monday, June 22, 2009

New George Foreman!

On our way back from our trip, C and I picked up a George Foreman grill. My boss had continually encouraged me to get we scoped them out at Kohl's and bought one at Target.Last night, we finally broke it out of the box and used it!
C found some recipe that he thought sounded appetizing, so we tried it. Yummy chicken, green beans and corn! It was fabulous :)

We got a bamboo plant for our wedding. It has grown pretty big in the past 14 months. :)
But now, it was time to get some more plant babies for our place. My boss graciously has been supplying me with cuts.
There are two types of plants in that jar and I can't remember the names of either of them. I am waiting for them to grow roots so I can plant them.
These are 2 different types of spider plants that we just planted. And in between is the cactus my sister brought from Arizona 3 years ago!

Now you have met our new plant babies! There is supposed to be another one coming soon, too :)