Saturday, June 27, 2009

Clothing Wishlist

I am in a conundrum about clothing. I never have been one obsessed with clothing, but everytime I enter a store, (retail or thrift) I simply must look at the clothing. Often, I will find something that I think I need and buy it. That has changed over the past year, as C has told me repeatedly that I don't need anymore shirts. Which is true. I don't have enough space for clothes as it is. I share my closet rod with C.

I have gotten rid of a lot of shirts and other miscellaneous items so that there is not much left (relatively, anyway) I've known for a while now that I will eventually need to invest in a bit more of a nicer wardrobe at some point once I graduate from college with an accounting degree. But that won't happen for a while.

I do the majority of my looking for clothes online. There is no mall here. To get decent clothes, I have to drive an hour and a half up the road.

Yesterday, I attended a wedding, and was in a tizzy trying to decide what to wear. I finally decided on something, but it was kind of depressing realizing that I don't have many dressy clothes anymore that go together well. I have been so good in the past few months in not looking at clothes online, knowing that I don't need anymore.

Of course, I came home last night and immediately started scouring and I found a few things that I like, but nothing really really made me 100% sure I needed it.

- A white tanktop/camisole. I have several Old Navy tanktops, but none that look nice under a V neck shirt. I want something that has a higher neckline, which is pretty hard to find, especially when I can't try them on. I like this one, that one and this one too.

- I am also looking for a dress that I can wear to less formal things. Again, a higher neckline, but also cute. Sleeves would be nice, but most of the dresses I've seen look awful when they have sleeves. I like these ones the best.

Those are the only two things that really come to mind right now. Oh, and a bolero or jacket type thing. Then, I could wear more of the spaghetti strap dresses I have without feeling awkward about it.

Anyone have a go to site they love for clothing? I need to poke around my bookmarks again and see what I have in there. But I'd love some suggestions!