Monday, June 8, 2009


I have been having a hard time at work lately. It has been so slow from no customers that my coworkers and I have been being driven insane by each other. There are few other tasks to take care of (little pricing, not much cleaning) I leave work at night drained emotionally, not from taxing customers (though that still happens frequently) but from pure boredom. But today was different some how. I'm not really sure what was changed, but I left work with a spring in my step, not unhappy or exhausted at all. (It could have something to do with the fact that I had my monthly crying session last night :P) I picked up Subway for dinner for C and I. Which was delicious!

When C got off of work, I learned that he had made plans with a friend of his that he rarely gets to hang out with. Except he forgot entirely that Mondays we have small group. Then and there we decided to not go this week. C went to hang out with his friend and I stayed home and cleaned.

And boy, did it feel good to organize the house! I have been telling myself to clean for an hour after work each night. It never happens because my mood is so lethargic and moody. But I feel like it's my day off, not my Friday right now.

I hung some more photos on the wall, and actually took care of the laundry. It's been good :P AND I made another smore :)