Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vacation 2009: Day 9

May 8
We started our day off bright and early. My grandparents, and C and I went to town. First, we stopped by the Redding City Hall, which was a magnificent building. It was a bit showy for what a city hall should be like, but it was definitely pretty!

Fountain at the City Hall
Next, we went to the Turtle Bay Museum. We first walked the Sundial Bridge. I had never done it before, so it was pretty cool.

Next, we went into the museum itself. It was pretty outrageously priced, but C was intrigued by it. We also went into the butterfly house, but there were very few butterflies there compared to the last time I was there.

T-Rex exhibit
Grandpa was starting to get tired, so we decided to start heading home. We wanted to make one more stop before we got there though. We stopped at my favorite outlet mall! I ran into the Vans outlet and got some more work shoes (weird, I know, Vans are skater shoes! But they were very good to my feet these past 2 years, and now they are wearing out) while C ran into a Payless and got some work shoes for himself.

I made one other stop on my own and went into a Rocky Mountain Candy Factory shop (came to it 2 years ago too) and got some goodies. My favorite by far is a raspberry caramel. Sooo good.

We left there, and once we came home, C and I both lay down for naps. Unheard of! I slept for an hour and C for about 2. We were definitely refreshed afterwards, though.

I don't think much else happened that night. We did have some time with the family and the horses there. And then it was time for bed, again.