Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I love productivity!

I have had a really productive weekend so far (in my terms anyway) C and I are discussing rearranging our living room. It probably won't happen today, but soon.
- We got rid of a bunch of cardboard boxes that have been living under our dining room table for months.
- I cleaned :P
- I bought a couple banker boxes at the drugstore Monday night and have been madly filing paperwork away. It is reducing the clutter noticeably.
- I just updated C's 401(k) stuff from his work finally. He was automatically enrolled when he turned 21, and he had no clue what was happening with it. I upped his contributions to match the employer match. AND added me as the beneficiary finally. I figured that might be a nice thing to have in place.

It's been good to be productive. The weather has been gorgeous, so I wish I was outside, but the house desperately needed some attention!