Saturday, July 18, 2009

Odd Requests

Monday was an odd day for me. I have specifically stated that I don't want to photograph weddings. But I had a friend text me on Monday saying, "Want to photograph a wedding in September? I'd do it, but I'll be back at school." I said no, unless the couple needed a last resort. The money was awfully tempting, I will admit. I referred them onto a friend. If I could be a second shooter, at an outside wedding, I think I would be happy.

I'm more into the candids now. Staged photos don't seem to be my forte. I've been loving taking photos of the kids at youth group. They are goofy all by themselves without knowing a camera is trained on them. It's fun to see what you can come up with in the spur of the moment without planning.

That all being said, I am not doing a wedding in September. The thought is intriguing, but I don't have the equipment (easily remedied of course) or the people skills for it. I'd prefer to focus on the mountains and sunsets out my door, thanks!

Later, Monday night, I had a mom-to-be approach me, enthused. "You're a photographer! Do you want to take photos of the birth?!"

I was taken aback, very much so. When her son was born, someone in the room took photos for her and she loved them. Now she wants them for her daughter. I, of course, had to quip that this would "scar me for life and be great birth control!"

She was making a list of people willing to do it for her if it fell into their schedules. I was honored that she would ask me, I suppose, that she would feel comfortable enough to have me there for the birth of her daughter. I told her to put me on her list. We'll see when she goes into labor!

Anyone else experienced something like this?