Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Striving After Photography and God

Now that I am actively pursuing photography as a real hobby, I constantly am thinking about. I have a mental list ever growing in my head of places around town that I want to shoot as summer gets longer and the seasons change. And no matter how many times I go out and take photos of something - moose, birds, sunsets - when I finish the shoot and get home, I am already anticipating the next time I can go out. I love the editing and sharing, but it's exciting to be able to go out and capture.

I found myself frustrated one pondering this. Isn't it enough to think I have the perfect shots? Why do I have this insatiable need to keep striving for the perfect shots?

Immediately, I realized that this is how I need to be going after God. Yes, yes, this is an application thrown at every hobby, but it always clicks more when it's a personal thing.

So, go after photography with all you have and you might find another great reward in the process! That's my goal :)