Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We went to see Up tonight. It was a great and humorous story, but extremely touching as well. Whenever C and I watch a touching movie together, we both end up crying. And this was no exception.

The old man in the film and his wife were adorable together. So loving, creating such great memories together, and then Karl had to live on his own without her after her passing.

We left the movie quiet, but sweet towards each other. We headed to the beach for a walk, holding hands as we went.I don't want to get old, but knowing C will be with me through it makes it bearable. Looking forward to the years of memories we will have together makes me smile and so do the memories we have already made together. The stacks of photos and scrapbooks we have of each other. Long walks on the beach. Laughing together at Star Trek episodes. Our wedding day. Our honeymoon. Someday finding out we are expecting a child. Our child's birth. Watching our kids grow up.Knowing C is by my side will make all trials we go through in life easier and I am excited to see what is in store. Though, he did tell me today that he was pretty sure he won't float off with our house to South America :)