Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Photography shots

After taking photos of the wedding on Friday, and subsequently posting my favorites to Facebook, the bride saw them from the airport on the way to her honeymoon and was really excited and happy with them. A friend of mine (who is a pro wedding photographer) saw the photos and praised me in person for them, and she genuinely thought that I was their photographer that day. I was pleased with the praise, but a bit disturbed.

The photographer they chose was the same one C and I had for our wedding. We loved what he did. But Rob and Jo were not paying for his services - Rob did over 10 hours of computer work for him, so they did a trade. I don't think the photographer put his heart into this wedding, but I can't say that for sure.

Not to mention the fact that his equipment was more than professional - He had a Canon Mark body, for goodness sake! (Not sure of the model, I just saw the hugeness of it and stared) All I shot with that day was my Rebel and my 50mm lens.

After seeing some of the photos the photographer put on Facebook, I am even more...disappointed, I guess? They are good shots, but I expected better from him. However, he has always posted the strangely post processed shots up, and those are my least favorite. I don't want to say that mine are better, because they are likely not, but looking back, I am happy with what I did capture to offer to the bride and groom.

Definitely a learning experience, and that my work does have value, despite not wanting to do weddings or portraits.

Anyone else experienced something like this?