Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Star Trek

Our small town theater does not get the newest movies until at least a month after the national release. Star Trek has been so popular that we did not get it until last Friday - 2 months after the release. It's definitely obnoxious for the movie buffs among us, but I can wait for most flicks.

Tonight, C, Redhead and another friend agreed to watch the movie at 6:30. We got there at 6:20 and the line was well into the parking lot! I have not seen a line at the movie theater since Return of the King! We inched through, and finally made it in and all 4 of us got seats together. But the theater was packed. It was a good sign for the theater, but stressful for the spectators!

Anyway. We loved the film. It was full of a lot of laughs and an interesting story. C and I kept leaning over to each other after cracking up at references to the series. C was pleasantly surprised at how well done it was. It was definitely worth the 2 month wait! I'm tempted to purchase it when it comes out! Everyone else love it?