Thursday, July 30, 2009

Work Incidents

Had a good 4.6 shaker today at work. Was a bit nervewracking for a few seconds.

Work occurences today:
- Older gentleman told me at the end of his transaction, "Make sure you go to church on Sunday!" Um...I was planning on it...

- A lady that was a bit strange "What's the difference between the bare caramels and the chocolate caramels?" "Chocolate caramels are dipped in chocolate and the bare caramels are just caramel..." She was still confused. A few minutes later, she was lamenting the price of our soda and asked "Do you have cheaper soda somewhere else in here?" Why would we sell the same soda at a cheaper price somewhere else in the store?

- A man got 5 quarter pounds of different fudges...all the strange, distinctive flavors (pistachio, peanut butter, etc) and wanted us to label them so he would know what they were. Is it that hard to distinguish pistachio from Almond Joy?

- Lastly, an ornery and pushy man came to my boss and I wanting to know why two different shirts that were both made by Hanes were different quality. (Different companies buy different versions from Hanes. Some have more weight, better quality, etc.) The man was appalled and could not wrap his head around that fact. He also wanted his desired shirt design in the heavier shirt material and was yet again appalled that it was not possible.
The same man wanted to know where to take photos of the eagles. I told him, and he ranted that he hadn't seen any at all. I explained that this is not the time of year when they congregate. He then was confused why they weren't in town where the "trees" are rather than why they are on the beach. "The fish? That's where the food is." He couldn't seem to grasp that concept either.

There were several other incidents from today, but they would take too long to explain. Definitely a trying day :)