Tuesday, July 28, 2009

BIL and His Girls

My BIL contacted me a couple of weeks ago and wanted me to take some photos of him and his daughters. I was ecstatic :) Here are a few of my favorites, and not all of just those 3.

I didn't really compose this one that fantastically, but it was only a split second of inspiration. She was moving and would stand still for me. If I'd thought it through a bit more, I'd have focused on a specific blossom rather than the whole weed patch!

One of my favorites.


BIL loves to ham it up for the camera for me :P

He was tickling them so they would actually smile, so it's not as sharp as it could be (squirming) but I love their expressions.

I think this is definitely my favorite from this shoot.

BIL texted me this morning saying that his coworkers were wondering how much he paid to have professional photos like that done. I just grinned. I love hearing that others like my work!