Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 Observations

I have discovered that I have a much more discerning eye for photography than I did just a couple months ago. I think it is from reading so many articles and blogs and just practicing. Yesterday, I was taking an hour roadtrip and as I looked out the window, I was taking in the views and imagining having a photo of specific scenes. None of them made me really want to jump out of the car and shoot though. Each scene was lacking a specific added element.

It was midday, so the sun was too high. A sunset would have been fantastic. Or a rainbow. Wildlife would have been great too. But, unfortunately, just lupine and spruce trees doesn't make a very interesting final image.

I am happy that I can be more discerning in what I shoot now. It feels like I am making huge strides!

It has been really interesting to me to be at work now when customers come in with their DSLR's around their necks. I work in a tourist shop in a tourist town, so photographers abound. I see all types of cameras - Canons, Nikons and some oddball brands. Huge lenses, L lenses, small ones, I see them all. Most of the time, it is older people with them. Every so often I see a younger person, but it hasn't been common yet. It makes me feel like I have a special connection with those people and could strike up a conversation with them. I haven't done so yet, but it might happen at some point.

Anyone else get interested and watchful when you see DSLR's in public?