Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting Groceries

Going to the grocery store on Thursdays is awful. Thursday is senior day, and each person there is stocking up on everything and moving slow. Basically, a nightmare. Right now, due to my work schedule, I have been doing my shopping on Friday nights. It's almost as bad as senior day.

During the school year, I get my groceries mid afternoon on Mondays or Sundays with my mother for company. Leisurely strolls with other cheery shoppers.

Friday nights after 5:00pm are not nice and happy strolls. I am just getting off of work at that point, tired, cranky without time to slow down and calm down. And everyone else is cranky and in a rush as well. Other shoppers clog up the aisles and don't let you through. The little carts that I like to use are all taken and I have to use a big, clunky one. Friday night grocery shopping stresses me out like work does!

Tuesday night, however, I went into the grocery store at 6pm, on my day off. The parking lot was packed, but I only had 1 thing on my list. I picked up my hamburger buns, nearly running into frustrated other customers, weaving my way through the aisles to the ice cream freezers. I found myself with a smile on my face, content to take all the time I needed to get what I needed and leave. With a spring in my step I checked out. What a difference a day off makes in one's patience!