Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Youtube? What to do?

Youtube is an incredible website. My computer has issues running some of the video formats available online, but Youtube is just fantastic for being able to pause and wait for loading time.

My problem with Youtube is the availability to everyone. We've all seen how videos become viral almost overnight.

I post the videos I take to Facebook. I can control who sees them, and I feel more secure making them available where people can be tagged or untagged. Facebook videos do not work on my computer anymore, nor can I watch them on my Ipod Touch. My problem is with putting a video on Youtube, anyone at all can watch them, a problem I have when I have not asked for permission to post them. I'd hate to have a video go viral on me (like it will happen, but you know!) and subsequently be an embarrassment to those in the video itself. 

Any ideas? I think Youtube allows you to protect videos to only certain people, but that seems silly to me for this. How have you dealt with it?