Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adventures from the Past: Birth to 1997

Happy birthday to me! 

Taking a step backward for a day!

Here I am at one year old, playing patty cake with my dad! Notice the huge amount of snow out the window! That means it was several feet!

As I grew, I grew my hair long, but before kindergarten or so, my mom chopped it off because I always screamed when she tried to brush it out.

Kindergarten was where I met the friends I went to school with most of my career. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving unit where we had venison stew and some other yummy dishes and we got to dress up as Indians and Pilgrims.

This was also the time I discovered paper hair bows! I would color on strips of paper and then tape them to my hair. I was pretty proud of them, but now I shake my head and laugh about them.

In 1995, my parents and my sister and I went on a fantastic trip to Disneyland, Knott's Berry farm and Marine World Africa USA. I still think about that trip to this day and how "magical" it all was.

Being born on St. Patrick's Day, my birthday parties always involved green. Green cake, jello (Mom's specialty!), napkins and plates. And whatever else Mom could find. Here I am in 1996 grinning at my birthday party.