Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Blizzard

We've had a fairly mild winter here in Alaska this time around. We got a bit of snow at the beginning, and then it tapered off. The temperature has stayed above 0 most of the time too.

The last couple weeks have had everyone hopeful that spring was rapidly approaching. I knew it wasn't meant to be, however. It never is!

Thursday was a nice, mild day. Not much was happening. Friday morning, however, C and I woke up to a foot of snow in the yard and it was still coming! He was late for work and I stayed home. As the day went on, the snow turned to rain and melted a bit of it. As evening approached, however, it froze again. By Saturday, we had at least another 6 inches, and my car was almost impossibly frozen!

It snowed and blowed all Saturday. By about 6pm, however, the sky started to clear a bit and we got a view of the sun!

What an incredible sunset! Sunday was nice as well, but the clouds have come back, and we are expecting more snow!