Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Camera Rocks! No.. it's Me..

Note: I'm not trying to come across as critical or arrogant in this post! Please don't misunderstand me!

Ever since I have gotten serious about my photography, I have really discovered my pet peeve is one that others share. Many people, especially those who are ignorant about photography, will look at my photos and inevitably ask the question. The question of "What kind of camera do you use?!!"

I used to love the image on the left. I had photoshopped it right out of the camera to get this result. However, compared to the right, it is obviously lacking. The image on the right is much more vibrant and the shadows and highlights are more subdued. The upped contrast makes it pop more. Now, the image on the right is much better. The camera couldn't make that decision!

I have read many, many posts on this very subject. Now I don't want to sound conceited, but it's me. My skills using the camera. My skills of composition. My photoshop skills. The camera and the lens are just a tool that I use to achieve the end result. I know several people who have gotten the same camera or similar as I have and they have hardly done anything with it. The camera and the lens of a DSLR can produce awesome images different from a point and shoot, but if you don't understand how to manipulate the camera to do what you want, it's pointless.

Another reason I have improved so greatly is from constantly shooting. I try to shoot several times a week. And I spend time with it. It took a lot of practice to get where I am today. And I still have tons to learn! I am constantly learning, and there is a marked improvement in my work, even from a month ago or last week.

That's why I get frustrated when asked the inevitable question. It's an offensive question to the skilled photographer. I realize it is not the intent of the question to come across the way it does, but that's how it is. I'm happy to talk gear, but I also want my customers and viewers to realize that it's more than pointing and shooting!

Anyone else run into this issue before?