Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adventures from the Past: 1998

I figured I'd try something new for some blog posts. Posting photos of my childhood and teen years that I think are fascinating!

1998 was an interesting year for me. I was full blown into my rock and geology obsession. I was 10 years old and convinced my dad that when we went on our family vacation that we needed to seek out ROCKS! So we did. On our trip down the Alcan, we stopped at a couple of different rock shops. In one town, I had researched an opal mine that I wanted to go to a dig at. Unfortunately, we could not go on a dig, but did go to the gift shop and I got a free rock with a small section of opal in it for "coming from Alaska specifically" to see them. Boy, was I excited.

We went on an excursion through Oregon looking for thundereggs. It was quite an adventure. We found a cave that Dad and I hiked up to and Mom took pictures of us from the ground. When we got back to Seattle, we went to a rock and gem show there. Woo, I was really excited by that. Mom and Dad spent a bit of money on my collection that day!

A random stray cat had six kittens in our yard that summer. I named them all. They were wild as could be, but I caught a few of them. They were all black and some with white spots. They were awfully cute!

 1998 was a good year. Age 10 was a great time!