Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rock Collection

Chalcopyrite. Intentionally left the edge out of the focus to get the colors in focus.
As a child, I avidly and almost obsessively collected rocks. I hit up the local shops that had them and whenever I traveled, I bought rocks with my money. My poor parents even took an entire side trip for us to go on a dig once. Where we didn't find anything :(
For years I have tried to take photos of my rock collection. I remember when my dad first got a digital camera years ago, I attempted to take photos of them and put them on my personal website that I had at the time (Geocities, anyone?)
I can finally take the shots I've always wanted to! A macro lens is perfect for them!

Quartz crystals
Gypsum desert rose

I hope these weren't too terribly boring! I've really been loving finally getting to take these shots.