Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Adventures

I was concerned that I would not have much of a spring break. I still had homework due until Wednesday.

Sunday, I started to let myself consciously take a break. That was really nice!

Monday, I had a big assignment to finish up, and once I did, I went off to take some photos :) It was a glorious day and the harbor was looking amazing. After we went to our small group, C and I picked up his youngest brother. Wasn't exactly the highlight of my week, but it was fine.

Tuesday, C's brother was still over, when Redhead invited me for beach time. Another gorgeous day, that the beach could not be passed up.

Wednesday, my birthday! An all around great day. More gorgeous weather.

Thursday, I got to scrapbook with my scrappin' buddy. The weather turned wet, but it was alright.

Friday, I made a trip to my hometown to see a friend and her new baby. The weather started to clear up again!

Saturday, work.

Sunday, the usual.

Might not really sound like I had a fantastic week, but I really did. It was spent doing things I wanted to do and I didn't feel guilty not doing school!