Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chicken bake

Yesterday was a blast. We went to the beach, and cooked steak over a fire. Caleb came on his lunch break and hung out. It was pretty fun. And it was sunny too!

Today it is raining, as has become usual.

Last night we had a good answer to prayer. We'd been praying about where to give our Dividend tithe. A new couple in our group was saying how the husband needed to get an MRI and then possibly surgery on his elbow. They didn't have the money for their $1000 deductible. It sounded like a good use to us, so we gave them a check on their way out the door. :) We were both happy with how the money will be used and wanted to be a blessing. We came home happy last night.

Now we're going to get groceries. Then we will make a real meal. Our favorite meal has become Chicken Biscuit Bake. It takes a while to make, but is so yummy. It has a lot of different flavors and is unique. It's great work lunch food. We've made it at least twice since we got married, if not 3 times. I'm excited to eat it again! I would highly recommend it.
So after we start it cooking I get to buckle down and start my homework for the week finally.

Here's some pictures from yesterday.