Saturday, September 6, 2008

Icky School

My work schedule has changed drastically starting today. I have a week off, until next Friday. I think I will probably go crazy being home all day. This time is devoted to school...right. I have worked on a lot of assignments today and became frustrated with one so I quit. I made some spaghetti, and did laundry since then. It always amazes me that the tasks I really don't want to do suddenly make me eager when I have schoolwork to do.

I'm going to head out to the grocery store soon and then pick up Caleb from work. Then I'll more homework.


For all of those non-Alaskans out there, sometimes living here is not that great. Small town living (Homer) means no entertainment, no malls, no Walmart. Alaska's first 2 Targets are opening in a month. Rarely any concerts in the state. Companies think it costs tons more to ship here (it doesn't...we're still in the US). Not to mention that I hate the winters. As much as I adore Alaska and never plan to leave, it still makes me unhappy sometimes. So, that's what makes our dividends a welcome incentive to stick around. And this year, I'm getting a double dose by being married. For those who are not aware, every year, those who applied in the state get a dividend from a state fund. This year, it is the biggest ever, due to being larger anyway, but then Palin signed an energy bill to give everyone an extra $1200 for gas money, basically. And, they are sending it all out a month early so we can fill up our fuel tanks before it gets cold. They announced the amount yesterday - $3269 a person. I'm excited about it, although all we're doing with it is saving it (but it will get us some nice interest!). So, $6500 to live here. Not bad :P

Now that I'm done bragging...