Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No rain!

I'm very pleased with myself. I only have 4 more assignments to finish for the week of school and it's only Wednesday (out of like 12 to 16 a week)! Granted, two of them - accounting homework that I am stuck on and a paper to write are a little harder to finish in a night, but otherwise, I feel like I can breath a bit easier this week. Thus said, I plan to go to the beach sometime today as it isn't raining!

We only have another night here at Caleb's parents' house. It has gotten a bit more bearable, but I am so sick of being in this house for 5 days straight!

Tonight we have youth group. We'll see how it goes.
One of the high schoolers told me about Picasa. I kept hearing about it, but hadn't really looked into it. I downloaded it last night to see what it was like. We already have Photoshop and Fireworks, so I don't need another photo editing program, but I liked how easy and simple it was to use. It also had a cool way of organizing pictures. I'm going to use it for some elements, like quick blurring and stuff. Anyone else use it?