Monday, September 22, 2008


Moving back into our place was such a nice relief! It's nice to have our own quiet space back that has no one but us there!

Yesterday resulted in a mad scramble to finish my last 2 homework assignments. I put my accounting off after I got stumped last week. So I crammed and almost completed it before midnight. I had nearly all finished and wrote a note saying I ran out of time. And my teacher still gave me a 100% on it! I'm not going to complain! He's definitely my favorite teacher this semester. It's a good thing, because he's my advisor too!

Sometime in the next little while, I will be running off with 2 or 3 friends to go to the beach. It has been beautiful for the past 2 days...finally! Yesterday I had to do homework so I couldn't enjoy it like I wanted to.

I cleaned all morning. It felt good to get our place back to where it needs to be. I'm not done, but it looks much better after the moving back in chaos. And get this, I used our vacuum for the first time. We bought it on our honeymoon and Caleb's been the only one to use it so far. It's a small Dirt Devil that is quiet and has great sucking power! I loved using it. I hate vacuuming in general. I have to do it at work fairly often for closing and it just takes all of the joy out of it when you have to do it every night.

So life is back to normal again and I'm loving it!