Friday, September 26, 2008

Torrential Downpour

Today was a crazy day weatherwise. It was sunny and clear all day, except for a dark cloud to the north looming. And then it randomly started pouring. It poured rain for over 10 minutes. I never timed it. It was probably 20 minutes in total. I was at work at the time and we were watching our parking lot fill up and water run down in "rivers". The street got huge puddles like it always does. Some poor kids walking from school were literally drenched and as I watched were soaked again by a passing car spraying water on them. It was miserable looking. And of course, it suddenly stopped and was done (for about an hour) and then a gorgeous rainbow appeared.

So I of course had to take tons of pictures of everything. And the leaves are really changing now, and quickly.

My sister in law sent pictures to us of my brother and his family today. :) Now I'm on the mailing list of these, so I'm excited. It was always fun to get them when my parents would check the mail. I love getting pictures from friends and family, so this was a great end to the day.

Tomorrow is Homecoming. Caleb and I (or rather me) like to dress up when the high schoolers do and go to dinner. That way, no one in town looks at us funny and we have an excuse! For those of you not from around here...our town is known for its casualness. There is no real "classy" restaurant here. There are a couple of nice ones, but showing up there in a dress gets funny looks (I've done it more than once, I can vouch for this) SO, when I get the chance, I like to dress up when every high schooler in town is as well. Tomorrow is the dance, so after work, we will go to dinner, likely to Fat Olives (yay Laurel) and eat and get dessert.

Also, every time that we plan to go on a nice date like this, the weather inevitable turns awful. I don't think we have any nice pictures of us dressed up where we had sunny and warm weather. Most dates it was rainy and windy or cold. It's nice to have warm weather because I am usually in a skirt or a dress and I always want to take pictures. More sunshine = more pictures. I was tempted to have us switch to today because it was sunny. But the forecast says it will be clear tomorrow. We shall see.

I had more I wanted to say, but I'll leave it for another day. This entry is long enough.