Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Fabulous Day

Today has been a great day!

A friend called and wanted to go to coffee with me. So we hung out for a good 2 hours.

Today it is extremely windy. Last night I slept with my hair in a braid. When I got up this morning, it didn't look that bad, but I redid it anyway. As of now, my hair looks much worse from the wind that it did from sleeping on it.
So, on my way to hanging out with my friend I stopped at the ATM. When I was driving off, I saw some paper flying around. At first I thought it was a dollar bill. Once I realized it was a $20, I parked and chased after it. :D So now I have an extra 20 bucks for my hotel night fund, which is pretty much completed now! Yay! I love unexpected blessings like that. I felt bad because someone lost $20, but there was no way to figure out where it came from, because it was so windy.

Coffee was good (or rather, my steamer and her hot chocolate) and it was good to hang out with her one on one. She has only been home a month and this was the first time I've hung out with her without her boyfriend.

Yesterday and today, it has started out slightly sunny. Both days, by the afternoon, it is pouring rain. Right now, it looks miserable out there with the wind.

Yesterday, as promised, Caleb and I made it to the beach. It was getting cold, and the tide was very high, so we took some pictures and then left. As soon as we did, it started raining.

Youth group last night was much better than last week. We had a smaller group, though.
After my "coffee" today, I did a bunch of errands and got a ton of groceries. We go home tonight!! I'm so excited.