Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Link Love

Here's the interesting links I've come across lately!

23 Geeky License plates - Some of these are pretty funny.

An eraser with 28 edges - This would be a great thing to have had in elementary school!

World's strangest fences - There are some very strange fences on here. My favorite is the pencil one.

"Where the rich go to drive fast" - An expensive racetrack to drive as fast as you want. It's an interesting enterprise.

The peeler man - Anyone heard of the man in NYC who sells peelers and makes tons of money doing so? I hadn't but he seems pretty fascinating.

Green polar bears - How awful it would be to be responsible for the polar bear exhibit!

Living on a dollar a day - A lady in Europe lived on hardly anything for a whole year. I know I couldn't do it, but it's inspiring!