Thursday, September 25, 2008

Credit Card

When we got married, I closed my Wells Fargo accounts to join with Caleb's. I kept my WF credit card. It turned out that paying it off without another account in my name was impossible. They said I should be able to access it with my SSN instead of my online username, but that did not show up any of other account. So, my WF card was paid off in the branch for the month and I stopped using it.
I researched other cards and in July I applied for the Chase Visa.
Every $2500 spent they send you a $25 gift card to Amazon. And triple points spent on Amazon. I knew that would be perfect for me, due to spending lots on school, and spending lots on Amazon. Looking at that statement, it appears that I spent a lot of money in the last month. I obviously am getting sent my first gift card. And it appears that I get more points for college??! I'm more happy with this card as time goes on. By next month I will probably be in line for another gift card. All of my larger purchases I've been putting on here - like groceries. So I'm pretty excited by this. I'll let you know when the card comes in the mail!