Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ways we are frugal

I read a lot of personal finance blogs, and have been wanting my blog to be one. But I don't have enough ideas for content to really make it that way, and I love to blog about the daily life much more. But, I've been thinking of one post that I could make for a while.

These are the ways that Caleb and I are frugal in our day to day life.
  • Cutting Caleb's hair: There's really no point in getting your hair cut at the salon when you are only getting it buzzed anyway. We've been using his parents' hair cutting kit, but when we went to Anchorage last month, we bought our own. We will be using it soon! I, on the other hand, like getting my hair cut in a salon. But I don't get it done very
  • Bringing lunches from leftovers: When we go out to eat, I take my leftovers to work the next day. Or we make a meal at home that is more food than we can eat and take that. We try not to go out to eat when we are working.
  • Grocery shopping only once a week: All summer we did this and it worked great. We spent less by only going to the store once. Now that our routine is different with me starting school again, we have to figure out how to make it work again.
  • Not going to Soldotna: We live in a small town with no malls or box stores. Everything in town is expensive and overpriced, because of no competition. The nearest town that has a mall is Soldotna, an hour and a half away. When we go to Soldotna, namely Fred Meyers, we tend to spend a lot of money. We only try to go there when we have a long list of things we need or it's a road trip. It helps us not spend!
  • Rechargeable batteries: For years, I used AA batteries for my camera and cd player. While my camera doesn't eat them up very quickly, it still is a waste. When I finally got a hold of some rechargeable ones, it was my lucky day. I bought another set of batteries and now I am no longer paying for batteries!
  • Moving to Homer: This probably doesn't count, as now I am paying for rent and food, but once we got married, I moved to Homer from my hometown, a 30 minute drive. I was going through so much gas to get to town everyday. I was filling up at least once a week, and now I fill up once for the whole month. I've stopped burning up so much gas, so that must count for something.
  • Used books: I try not to buy books new, unless it's from a favorite author. So I buy a lot of reading books at the local thrift store now. I find ones that I wouldn't have tried before that way, as well. I should try out the library too. The library in my hometown didn't have much I was interested in, but the Homer one might.
  • Eggs: I love eggs. Even though they have gone up in price, they are still a pretty cheap food. I can get anywhere from 6-9 meals out of a carton of them.
So, that's the current list. Most of it isn't the most frugal, and there are ways that we could definitely cut back, but I thought maybe some of them might be slightly unique.