Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hectic Wednesday

Hello everyone! I can finally post again. Monday night we had guys/girls nights for small group. There were only 3 of us girls, so we just ended up eating cookie dough ice cream with fudge sauce and cookies and talking. For about 3 hours. :) It's seriously a great way to spend an evening.

Tuesday....I'm not sure what happened yesterday. I did a bunch of homework. That's about all that comes to mind. I became more and more stressed out as the night wore on. I asked C what we did yesterday, and his response was, "I dunno, you did a lot of homework.."

Cut to this morning. I woke up late, at 10:30, and started right in on studying accounting for my exam today. I left before 1 and got gas and then went to my test. I didn't do so hot, but ah well. Came home, and frantically worked on homework that was due at 9pm tonight. Hopped in the shower left again. This time for dinner at Cups with my boss and my coworker. My boss got a gift certificate there from someone she buys from. And her husband didn't want to go, so we did :) I'd never been there before. Yummy yummy food! I got this bourbon roasted game hen with a bourbon sauce. Not for the bourbon, but it sounded really good. Of course it was a TON of food. The mashed potatoes were amazing, as well. I am stuffed even still. We decided not to go to youth group, because I got done right at 7, and I would need to pick up C anyway, which would take at least 20 minutes in total. So we're relaxing at home.

C's car is sitting lonely at his work. The part that needs to be replaced is going to cost over $350 because it's not available in the state. It's supposed to get here on Tuesday. So, we are a true one car family for the next week. Kind of a pain.

Ah, I did think of one thing from yesterday. The phone rang at one point, and it was my professor in Juneau. He wanted to see how things were going and such. He also asked me questions about the town and where I work and stuff. For a lot of homework and such, students need to give examples of such things, so he was asking me about them to get a better understanding. It was an enjoyable conversation. I love it when professors actually care about their students. :)

I recently ran out of room on my Flickr account. It will only show the 200 most recent photos. I don't really want to pay for it. Anyone know a good site to showcase photos? Deviantart is a pain, and Photobucket isn't good for what I want either. Any ideas?

So anyway, that's the news from here.