Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Mystical Garden

Today was a busy day where I got many things done. In the midst of getting annoyed at an exam I took and not doing well, I decided to pull something out. Enter the Mystical Garden.

My mother in law gave this to me for Christmas this year. She got a whole bunch of similar gifts for everyone from her schooling program. I've been waiting for an opportunity to play with it. And today was the day.

Here are several of the pieces and parts. I started putting it together, thinking it would be a piece of cake...mmm, not so much. The pieces didn't like to bend, or stay up right.

That put me in a sour mood again, not very relaxing and/or helpful when I wanted a break from frustration. Then I had to pour the packets of "magic water" over everything. Pretty scary. The packets just kind of explode once open and its hard to pour them without getting the stuff everywhere.

2 hours after I poured the water's growing!

2 more hours, so 4 hours from the pouring time. Quite a bit bigger and a lot more interesting to look at.

5 hours after the previous photo. 9 hours from the time of watering. It's supposed to be done "growing" after 10 hours.

So as you can see, I had an interesting afternoon watching this thing emerge. Kinda creepy, but it was enjoyable, I suppose. Not the easiest or cleanest thing to put together, but it was simple enough and would be a fun project with a kid. So there you have it...our 3rd..."plant".