Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love discovering how forcing oneself to do uncomfortable errands is really not that bad. I needed to:
- Go to the bank and get a statement for interest that I never got from my savings account that I closed last year.
- Go to the electric company and clarify how to set up my own account and when to do it.
- Call Alaska Airlines. I tried emailing first, which was very fruitless. I needed to gain access to my mileage account, which I have never been able to do, because I was set up under my parents. And I also needed to change my maiden name. This is by far the most interesting story. I called AK Air, going through a list of options. I tried the wrong one - Customer Care. I went through that list, and realized it was not the direction I wanted to go, but there was no option to go back to the main menu. Before I could decide to hang up and try again, a live person was there on the line! I explained that I thought I was in the wrong place, but he had no problem helping me. He granted me access to my account in about 30 seconds, and gave me instructions on changing my name. At this time, it was 4:30pm...and the man was off of work by 5pm my time, so I took C and we raced to town to my work and faxed off 2 documents. It was quick and painfree and my name is supposed to be changed in a couple of days. Thanks Brad, for a painfree and easy transaction!

I am taking a personal finance class, and it has been fascinating. Some of the stuff is old hat to me, already, because I have been reading tons of personal finance blogs. It's humorous to me to hear my professor spout off the same things they do. Anyway. There are some things, however, that I have not given much thought to. I had no idea that disability insurance was such a big deal. And hardly anyone carries it.
This week was about house and car insurance. Having to think about needing insurance is a scary thing. In class yesterday, my teacher mainly discussed car insurance. I'd never really thought about how much coverage you really need. My teacher is an accountant and also a lawyer (crazy man!) and was harping on the fact that lawsuits go for much more than $100k. I think C and I will be reconsidering our insurance policy sometime soon.

Got 100 prints from Snapfish in the mail yesterday :) That meant that my walls were attacked with new picture frames. (No not 100 pictures!) I don't have them all up yet, but will post pics when I do :)