Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another quake

We had another earthquake today. Not sure how many people even noticed it. I was sitting on the couch doing homework when the apartment shook for like 5 seconds. It was really light, but disarming after the one a month ago.

After I was sure the quake was over, I looked out the window to see a moose in the yard. I took some photos, but he was turned away from me, so they aren't great. He left soon after, as well.

The weather has been fantastic the past two days..or rather, very sunny. And of course...I haven't been able to be outside. I had to work yesterday, and then today, I was under an insane amount of pressure to get an exam done by 6pm. It was a "48 hour" exam that was handed out on Friday. The most inconvenient time for something like that is the weekend for me, but I got it done.

Potentially, C and I are getting up extra early in the morning and going to watch the eagles being fed before C goes to work. We need to talk about it again and plan if we really will, but it would be fun as I have never gone out there to watch before.

Tis all for now!