Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Had an ok Valentine's Day. It definitely wasn't spectacular, but it was nice. Work was a zoo, and I was exhausted by the end. C and I waited a bit before doing anything. We knew all the restaurants would be packed, so we tried to think of where to go that wouldn't be.
Enter Subway...wooo, way romantic! They are having a footlong deal right now. $7, not as good as $5, but ah well. C had been craving Subway, so that's where we went. And we brought along a bottle of sparkling cider we'd had since Christmas. I asked C if he had a bottle opener on one of his knives that he carries in his coat. He told me he did, so away we went..... We ordered. Bought a bag of new Doritos. Sat down. Pulled out the bottle. C became confused. He doesn't have a bottle opener on his knife after all.

We don't have a bottle opener at home. SO....naturally, where do we always go when we need something? To the in laws'! A mere 2 minute drive away, we had our Valentine's dinner in the comfort of the kitchen. Thankfully we were left alone for a few minutes. Definitely kills the mood, but eh, it's a memory!