Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Trip to the Bigger City

Monday morning dawned, ready to snow. My friend and I left at 9, and set off for the next big town. The roads ended up being pretty bad. It was snowing hard and there was ice on the road, but we made it fine...althought the 1.5 hour drive turned into 2 by driving slower.

Off we went to Fred Meyer's, me filling up a cart as we went. It was an expensive trip, but full of essentials that we needed. Nothing too exciting was purchased, except these goodies!

Off brand kleenex boxes in the cutest patterns I have ever seen: kitties, doggies and a star! Picture frames were buy 2, get 1 free. Not the greatest deal, but they were good prices from the start. I got 6 frames, and then 1 5 picture frame. And lastly, a soft hoodie that was marked down for $45 to $15.

We also went to McDonalds for lunch (my friend is on a limited budget right now) and then Gottschalks (where I purchased that hoodie.) 3 hours after we got there, we turned around and came home. This time, the trip was an hour and 45 minutes. All of the snow had melted and turned to slush, with giant puddles, which was actually bit more concerning at times, but we were fine. We got stuck behind several slow people, which slowed us down a bit, but no big deal.

Came home and unpacked. At 6, went to pick up C from work. His car had been moved, for the first time in a week! Picked C up, and he knew nothing about it. When we got home, my brother was waiting for us. The car is fixed, but it cost a pretty penny to get it done.

After running ragged after that, we made it to small group, where we have another new couple coming. Had another great session of "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage," if a bit awkward, as this one was on the most awkward topic imaginable! (guess, I dare you :))

But it was good, and the conversations afterward were very good as well.

Today, C and I did not do much. My sister ordered Collapse for the DS for C's birthday and it came today (Thanks D!) and it is actually really fun and not just the game only. It has different settings and ways of playing and even a "quest" game to make it through. Much better than I was expecting, so that's great.

Otherwise, it's been pretty low key, but I needed a low key day.