Thursday, February 19, 2009

Underground Church

Who's ready to hear about college meltdown numbers 4 and 5? I can just tell you all are dying to hear about them. Suffice to say, they happened yesterday, at 2 different times of the day. Me, crying my eyes out, ready to quit, yet again. All 4 of my classes are officially causing me stress now.

In between the meltdowns, C and I went to youth group. And last night was Underground Church. Every year, the youth group leaders plan a scavenger hunt around town. They notify the police and then have at it. They set up an interrogation place, with interrogators ready to "torture" the kids. "Cops" drive around town, and when they see kids, they are to pick them up and take them to the interrogators. The kids were trying to get to a certain destination. C led a team of kids. I think only 10-15 kids made it without getting caught. I was in charge of letting the interrogators into the house and instructing the cops. Then I was told where to go for the secret destination. I waited around at the destination for 2 hours. It was kinda depressing how many kids got caught. There were probably 50 kids playing. There were 2 different clue trails going and one was going via the post office. The first group managed to take the entire envelope with clues in it, so the rest of the kids going that direction ended up wasting a ton of time looking for it, and thus getting caught. Rather depressing. C's group was part of that, and were caught after an hour or so. It was fun, but stressful!

In other news, I think these baby owls are so darling!