Monday, February 9, 2009

Car issues again

Friday I went to coffee with my red haired friend. 2.5 hours later, we parted ways. It was a really good talk and very insightful.

Saturday was the Winter Carnival parade. Stood outside at work and picked up candy. Hanging out with my boss and coworker and her baby is fun for parades. After work, my red haired friend and her boyfriend picked me up to go see Marley & Me. C didn't want to go :P. It was cute, and I was definitely on the verge of crying a few times :P There was a little girl in the front row sobbing at the end. Cute, but sad.

The only news yesterday was that C's car has issues now! He called me as soon as he got to work, saying that his car was acting funny, and halfway to town, his power steering went out. The power steering has been an ongoing issue in that car. When I left for church, I saw his serpentine belt in the street halfway to town. We picked it up later, and it's in perfect condition, of course. But anyway, my dad looked at the car, and as far as we could tell, the alternator belt was causing all the problems. We bought another serpentine belt, but by the time we knew about the other one, the car store was closed (4pm..). My brother (another mechanic) is supposed to look at it today. We just can't win with the cars! At least my car is working right now, so we aren't completely stranded.

So I had to take C to work this morning. And of course, being really cold out there and all, my car door wouldn't shut. This is the second time that has happened this winter. Took him to work and headed to my work to get a spraycan of something...I used it last time. I should have gone to my boss' husband's shop but I didn't. ANYWAY. By the time I got to my work, the door was shutting fine. OF course. I ran an errand in my sweatpants (more on that later!) and then picked up breakfast at McD's (mistake!)

I have two big prayer requests.

First, my redhaired friend (J and her boyfriend M). M is Canadian and his visa is up this Friday. He is now going to Bible school here, but he was not planning on that. He doesn't have a student visa, and he has tried and tried to get an extension. He just needs it until the beginning of April. They have made tons of calls all over both countries and no one is being helpful. They believe that he will get the extension, but they need to know now. There is more to the story, but that is the immediate prayer request.

My second request is for my coworker. She has been with her "husband" (it's basically a common law marriage right now. They didn't have a ceremony) for..7? 8? years. Not sure. They have 2 kids and she announced on Friday that he left her, and then Saturday the news was that they were divorcing. I really think this situation can change. I don't know all the details, but I think it can be mended. They really need prayer, for decisions, for the kids, for them.

Thank you everyone.