Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo Sharing Solved

I have been a longtime user of Flickr for my photo sharing needs. I recently hit 200 photos...meaning that only the most recent 200 photos would be the only ones shown. Well, that was no good. I refuse to pay for a service like that. I'm not seriously trying to display my photos, nor am I trying to make money off of them. If I had my own web domain, this would not be a problem. But, I don't.

I went through my favorite photos earlier this month and plastered my own watermark on them. And promptly uploaded several albums to Facebook. (Therefore, some of you may have already seen these) However, I wanted to share my photos with my blog readers. For privacies sake, I wasn't willing to share my FB with the world. I already had an account with Picasa, and use the software, and it made sense to go with them. The public can view the ones I want, and it's fast and simple to upload to. I also looked into Deviant Art, who I also have an account with, but the uploading process is extremely long and drawn out for a single file. Thus, here we are:

Feel free to view at your pleasure, and pass along the link if you desire!