Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lotsa Frames

Look what I picked up today! I went into the thrift store, like I usually do. I've been going about once a week. I look for baskets and photo frames. Today I hit the jackpot. 1 Book, 3 baskets and 10 frames!! I left some 8x10s behind, because I don't use many of those. I took 1 8x10, and 5 5x7s (ok) and 4 5x3s. I'm very excited by this.

In other news, I won ANOTHER contest. This time for a piece of jewelry. Hopefully I love whatever is sent to me!

To catch up from last week. Friday, a friend came over and we ended up hanging out for 4 hours. We had dinner sorta at the Chinese place and visited a new boutique in town. But it was so blizzardy! The snow was coming like crazy, and the wind was awful. It was impossible to see the road due to snow blowing off of cars ahead. Ah well, it was fun, I guess.

Saturday marked the last time I work with my pregnant coworker. She has another month, but it was time for her to be done. I'll miss her.

Sunday I stayed for the first church meeting I've ever cared about. It was a really interesting look into how a church runs and how decisions are made. It was also aggravating to see how people can get very frustrated as well. I was glad that I stayed, as it opened my eyes a bit.

I had a bit of a meltdown Sunday night about school. I was working on an accounting chapter and I just didn't understand it. I failed the quiz for that chapter (literally...I got 2 right out of 15). I looked ahead in the text book, and the other classes I need, and I just couldn't handle it right then. I've been looking into a different business emphasis, but neither of 2 I can do are appealing. Accounting is the most needed one, especially in my town. One of my professors really encouraged me to stick it we'll see. I need to make a decision soon.

Monday we had group again, and most of you probably read my post about pregnancy :P But the lesson that night was really good.

Tuesday night, C and I went to some friends' place for dinner. T and R have come to our small group several times and are newly marrieds like we are. We went over to their place and ate scallops. They were actually pretty good. After dinner we played Phase 10 until after 10pm. And then we went home.

Oh yes, I watched an episode of Voyager that made me cry the other night. It was the episode in the second season where the Doctor makes a hologram of Danara (sp?). Anyway.

Wednesday, we had a joint youth group with the 3 big churches in town. There were so many kids there! There was pizza for all and several pizzas left over. We took half of one to my brother in law and his wife. Course we had to chat for a while too.

And now today! I drove my car for the first time in a week and a half. There was so much snow and ice covering it! It was sunny at the beginning of the morning and now we're getting dumped with snow AGAIN! I think I have a coffee date with my red headed friend tomorrow. And now I am doing homework and putting photos on the wall! I'll try to resume my posting more frequently again!