Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shopping Tomorrow

Today was a good day. Had a good lunch with my parents, got my usual Cajun Chicken Salad at my favorite restaurant. Bought Easter (!!) chocolate eggs at the drugstore. They just put them out this morning. Bought 6 things at the grocery store for the And now I'm home. I'm going to the next big town tomorrow with my red headed friend. She is not much of a shopper by any means, so it will be interesting. We're leaving at 9am. I told her we had to be back before 6 to pick C up from work. "How long is this trip going to be??!" You just never know! No, I really only have 3 stops in mind. But a huge list. I put off buying groceries today because I will get the nonperishable stuff cheaper there. Here's a fraction of my list...
- Kleenex
- 2 cookie sheets - we pretty much ruined one on accident. We need more than 1.
- a bottle opener (see previous post!)
- CDRs
- Laundry detergent
- Pancake syrup

So it will be such a fun trip!! I will be spending a lot of money, but it is all stuff that we need. Hopefully I come home with lots of exciting details!