Monday, June 25, 2012

Rain and Volcanoes

C on the trip home :)

This morning, C was debating about riding his bike to work. I looked outside and proclaimed that it looked like rain. He reluctantly drove as I looked at the forecast. "Chance of showers", which I thought was baloney, looking at the sky. Sure enough, half hour later, it started to rain. Soon, it started to pour. And it continued all day long. A "chance" for sure.

Got off work and proceeded to shoot macro shots of water droplets on flowers and plants. I soon realized that I was getting a bit wet, but continued. I went home and then did the same, but quickly realized that I was genuinely soaked! I'd only been outside 15 minutes tops! I quickly changed into more comfortable clothes, but I was pretty surprised.

In other news, we had this couple in today that were a bit hard to work with. When I was ringing them up, the wife asks me, "Are you from here?" which is a common question tourists ask. My reply of "Yes, I am" usually elicits an exclamation of jealousy or other positive responses. This lady replied with, "Oh" in a rather disappointed tone. It threw me off a bit, but I continued what I was doing. And then she says to me:
"When is volcano season?"
"When Mother Nature decides it is."
"No, really, when is it?"

I managed to keep a straight face as her husband realized that volcanic eruptions are not on a cycle. And then they were gone and I burst out laughing.

Now that it's my weekend (already!) I have been taking  care of things I neglected since we came home - the budget, opening the mail and paying some bills. Nice to finally get some things done, instead of being so obsessed and focused on editing trip photos. Hopefully I can get to blogging those tomorrow!