Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago 2012: June 13

[caption id="attachment_2880" align="aligncenter" width="433" caption="Making tacos"][/caption]

I believe I woke up around 8am or so Wednesday morning. C had stayed up all night playing his scheduled game, so I settled in to watch it for a while.

I went outside for a few minutes to wander around the garden and take some photos of the flowers. It was so wonderful to see some blooms, as most of the flowers back home were just barely getting started when we left.
C and I went for a Walmart run. I bought a $5 tank top to sleep in that was surprisingly nice, that I will wear again! Bought some cheap candy bars too, since they are way more expensive up here. The main reason for the trip was to buy food. C and I bought taco fixings, as well as ingredients to make a couple other dishes.
That afternoon, C and I made tacos for everyone. While we were upstairs, I heard a funny sound and realized it was the ice cream truck! Turns out the truck never comes down this street and we were lucky. I yelled for everyone and we all poured out of the house to buy ice cream. :) I expected the ice cream man to come back the next night but he didn't =/

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So, we made tacos. And they were a big hit. However, one thing that we had not considered was how the food situation would go in general. When we had planned for this, I was thinking that 8 guys would be eating so much food. What we hadn't counted on was that everyone was laying around, not doing physical activity at all. I usually eat 4 - 5 small meals a day, and I was eating an average of 2..... So, it was unfortunate, but no one was eating much food, so we had lots of leftovers. We made another meal later in the week and it was the same way, sadly.
That evening, things became way more lively. We had several events planned for the evening and it just got more and more fun.

[caption id="attachment_2888" align="aligncenter" width="433" caption="Trevor, our fearless camera man!"][/caption]

Most people in the chat who had been watching were having fits about me not playing in any games. Some seemed to be quite vehement about it too, which I thought was strange. Once we met our next donation goal, we were going to play the Zelda board game, but only announced that we would be doing something special. We were waiting and waiting, and finally, I said, "if you donate, I will be play the next game!!" and the donations immediately went crazy - 3 or 4 75 dollar donations in like 2 minutes, and we met the deadline! It was hilarious! I ended up playing two rounds of the game and it was a fun experience, though the game itself was a bit mindless!
I mentioned in a previous post that Mases had a massive afro. He'd been growing it for months, and only right before the marathon did he decide to shave it. When we hit $2500 in donations, he had another guy shave it off on camera, while he was playing a game! The crowd in the chat loved it! It was fun to watch the transformation for sure. I helped finish it off and that's when we started the board game.

[caption id="attachment_2890" align="aligncenter" width="433" caption="Josh's Spongebob ice cream"][/caption]

C went to bed, since he had a lot less sleep than I had and he was out of it. I stayed up, and I'm glad that I did.

I'd been posting photo's to ZD's facebook page throughout the day, and one of the guys brought to our attention that fans had been making memes out of them! There were some really, really good and clever ones, so I shared them on FB and twitter and with everyone in the room. It was a hysterical time. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time and postponed going to bed because it was so fun. I think I went to bed at 2:30, and slept until 9:30.

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