Friday, June 22, 2012

Back from Chicago

We got home from our much needed trip on Tuesday evening and I immediately hit the ground running with photo editing to get it all done. I had hundreds of photos to edit despite having edited hundreds of other while away. Turns out it is so much easier to edit on a desktop computer instead of a netbook ;)

It was so nice to sleep in our own bed when we got home. We got very little sleep while we were gone and since then, (not sure about C) I know that I have gotten lots of restful sleep, probably trying to catch up, but it's felt super nice. The weeds in the lawn were taking over, so we took care of that last night finally. Our Alaskan summer has officially's been wonderful weather since we arrived home. It was 70F when I got home from work at 7:30 tonight :) Rode my bike to work and it was a lovely, warm ride for the first time this year. I stopped on the way home to take my first lupine photos of the season as well.

I keep gushing to people in person about this, so I have to say it for the record. I am so glad we went on this trip. I needed a vacation so badly, and I didn't realize how good it would be for me to get out of work and this town. A few hours after we arrived, I realized how carefree I felt and the huge weight from work was gone. It was excellent! In fact, the trip was so relaxing (for me at least) that I didn't want to come home. It was a strange feeling to not be looking forward to coming home, but I was content where I was. Once we got to the airport to head home, though, I was ready to be on my way.

The other thing I want to say is that I had a blast. It was tons of fun seeing our internet friends and we fit right into the camaraderie immediately. The marathon event was tons of fun, from the antics of the other people there to the fun chat we had to interact with. After the 5 day marathon was finished, we did all kinds of fun things as a group. It was my most favorite trip, just because nearly every moment was entertaining and fun, and it will be hard to top it, next time :)

I was concerned that I was to be the only girl there. I thought I would be going stir crazy with no girl to chat with all the time, but I was fine. I am usually quiet in groups of more than 3 people, for the most part, but with 9 of us there, I was more vocal than I usually am, so that was nice too.

I will be doing some trip recaps here in the hopefully very near future. The current goal is to get the photos finished and then I can focus on blogging. I've been itching to blog as much as I've been itching to edit the images, but the photos won out because they require less thought :)