Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's June Already!

I'm having a hard time believing it is June already! For one thing, our weather has been less than stellar so far this summer. It was nice and warm in April and then May left a lot to be desired. We've had lots of gloomy days since then. On Tuesday, I had my first day off in weeks that was actually beautiful and warm all day. A couple weeks back, it wasn't sunny, but the temperature was nice. This week was warm and sunny with blue skies all day. I watched the Venus transit from my yard with a lawn chair and enjoyed every minute :)

Tuesday morning, I went out on the Spit to explore the shops that were not open a couple of weeks ago. There are some wonderful items that I would love to purchase out there (that I don't need :P) but I went with a mission in mind of getting a sweatshirt and I found one that I adore. I'll post a photo of it soon.

C had a cold over Memorial weekend and I was praying that I wouldn't receive the gift, but I did. *sigh* So I battled it for a week, and I am finally feeling better, but by Tuesday evening, I felt terrible. It put a kink into some socializing plans [:(] but I'm glad that I postponed them, especially because it poured rain on Wednesday!

I had a productive weekend though, getting ready for our upcoming trip and cleaning the house like crazy, which is so satisfying :) More details on the trip to come...