Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago 2012: June 17, Part 1

[caption id="attachment_2970" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Buckingham Fountain[/caption]

Sunday morning, two members of the team left, and we were down to 5.
We headed into the city. We ended up hitting many of the same places that we went to the last time, but I definitely didn't mind!

[caption id="attachment_2972" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Chicago[/caption]

It was a pretty warm day, but it was nice to see Lake Michigan cooling off the city, which made it much more bearable.
We went down to the water front, and that was lovely. It was wonderful to be on the water while away from home, even though it's nothing like our beach. It had a tiny bit of a harbor feel and I enjoyed that a lot. Later, I wished that I had dipped my toes into the water to see how warm it felt! We made some new friends in some hungry geese.
I was struck by how many more visitors and tourists were all around this time, compared to when we were there in October. A lot more crowded, but a lot more activity, so the tradeoff was there.
There were tons of children playing in the areas with water flowing, which killed the mood a little bit, but we were more interested in exploring and not hanging out in the same area.
Went back to the Bean, probably my favorite tourist spot in Chicago :P
We took a walk down Michigan Avenue, seeing the sights and I took photos of the architecture. We stepped into 7-Eleven for some cold drinks, and I bought some touristy trinkets and gifts at pretty good prices.
To be continued...