Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago 2012: June 18, Part 1

[caption id="attachment_3022" align="aligncenter" width="650"] Hummus![/caption]

Our last full day in Chicago, I got up early (9am) to get started on the day. C got up as well and we went downstairs. Mases was up, or soon up and I worked on photos. We were still waiting for Tom to get up. So I waited and waited. C lay down on the couch and fell back asleep. Finally, at 1pm!!! Tom got up so we could get start getting moving.
We went to a restaurant that we went to last time with Mediterranean food. It was excellent then and excellent this time as well. They do a cheap lunch special that provides you with tons of food. That's what we got and it was sooo good.
We went back to the house so Tom could get ready to go home. Then we realized that traffic would be atrocious at that time of day, so we needed to do something to kill a couple of hours.
We went back to the outdoor mall that we went to last time.
Now, a disclaimer. We went to a lot of the same spots, and restaurants as last time, but it was completely fine by me. It was cool to see how the places had or had not changed, and it was also interesting to see how much more busy it all was, being summer.
Oh yes, it was 95F that day. I was concerned, until we stepped outside and I felt how windy it was. It was the windiest I had ever felt it there, and as the day went on, I started to realize that it felt about as windy as some of our blizzards....but without the freezing cold and blowing snow. It felt quite strange to me - a forceful, warm wind.
So back to the mall we went. We wandered around, taking pictures of mannequins in odd places, like fountains, and went into a few shops.
I'd never been into Brookstone before, but it was an interesting place. My dad would have been quite intrigued by it, with all it's random gadgets. Next, we went into Claire's, because I wanted some hair stuff and never get to go into Claire's....the guys had a great time in there :P
Our last main stop was into the Brain store (or something similar). It was full of toys and games to stimulate your brain! The salesguy was super friendly and showed the guys how to play a game.
Since it was so hot out, we wanted something cold to drink...and I wanted to go into Godiva again!
They had these milkshakes for $6, but they were excellent. Super good and it was worth it on a day like that. I got a few chocolates too.
After that, we killed time, drinking our shakes, talking and sitting around outside until Chicago traffic decreased (thank goodness for technology!)
We said goodbye to Tom and then headed back to the house, where we sat outside and chatted until sunset. So pretty!
At 9pm, we packed up and went to the ballpark! Mases plays in a local team.
It was fun to watch, even though his team lost :(

I have another post from this day and it is rather special!